Local Artist Turns Found Objects into Art

Local artist Al Gorman uses objects washed ashore to create art works. Want to know more about the sculptures? Visit the banks of the Ohio River. 

“It’s the day after Christmas at the Falls of the Ohio on an admittedly nippy day. I stopped by my trusty site under the now bare willow trees to see how this latest group of sculptures and artworks are faring. Each time I come out here, I’m just as likely to find things knocked down and destroyed” -Al Gorman-


Jeffersonville Art: A Beautiful Palette of Change

A romantic nighttime stroll, an art park with games for the whole family, and a newly renovated art making space with artist studios are just a few of the changes coming to the Jeffersonville Arts and Cultural District.

The district, in a revived section of downtown Jeffersonville centered at 700 W. Michigan Ave., will be the hub of Jeffersonville’s thriving arts scene. It is home to the Vintage Fire Museum, the Clark County Museum, and will be a cultural center.

Dedicated in 2017, the space will undergo major changes in the next year. I caught up with Jeffersonville’s Public Arts Administrator Dawn Spyker for an update about what folks can expect in the coming months. She said there are five initiatives they’re working on now.


Holiday Gift Guide for the Difficult-to-Please

The air is finally cool and crisp. It’s almost time for the holidays, and that means holiday shopping. With this season comes the anxiety of shopping for difficult people. How do you please everyone? First step, visit Southern Indiana. Then, start early.

Shops in Jeffersonville and New Albany have unique finds for even some of the most hard-to-please people in your life. To give you a head start and to introduce you to some of the unique offerings in Southern Indiana, GoSoIN visited five shops in the area and chose a selection of gift ideas to please almost anyone on your list, even the most difficult.