“The role of a writer is not to say what we can all say,

but what we are unable to say.” 

Anais Nin

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America...Where are you going?

I’ve come to look for America…

This country… this idea… this fledgling and hopeful experiment. What is wrong with you, America?

Este país … esta idea … este experimento inmaduro y esperanzador. ¿Qué te pasa, América?

On Sunday, hundreds in Louisville gathered to ask the same question.


Opening Galleries and Museums to Race and Inclusion

Walking into 21c Museum Hotel to see the new show, I come face to face with a large, bronze bust of a black woman with an ornate loop of hair. Her face is regal, and her black features, prominent and proud. She is beautiful. The bronze in which she is cast is black, and the two — black and beautiful — are synonymous here. The artist, Kehinde Wiley, spends much of his work examining the black portrait and, in doing so, he places those black faces in classic motifs — often a lush rococo style, with adornments of flowers and greenery. Works of this nature were, before, limited to the wealthy or the famous. For Wiley, everyday black faces reflect how the artist views his community.


Media Hands Not Bloody

This column is about being selfish, hurtful… and getting away with it.

It’s about someone whose wife claims was “always so happy and giving, and generous.” That’s according to her WDRB interview less than 24 hours after state Rep. Dan Johnson’s suicide. It is also about someone who found amusement in images that portrayed former President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as monkeys. Such a generous racist… how very sad.

photo credit: Sam Upshaw Jr. 

photo credit: Sam Upshaw Jr. 

When Internet Justice is Likely the Only Justice

 The grapevine moves at the speed of data, and news spreads in seconds. Louisville got a taste of what can happen when the internet meets accusations of sex crimes. This time the allegations did not involve a member of Metro City Council, but a local bar owner.

Internet justice was served swiftly and firmly.