Hello, my name is Erica Rucker.

I am many things: a wife, a mom, and a tarot card reader. When I’m not doing those things, I am an award-winning professional freelance writer, editor and storyteller. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, my earliest memories are of telling stories to my family and promising that the next would be shorter than the first. They never were. Words have been a constant throughout my life, a gift I have shared with my young son who now tells me stories when he should be sleeping.

An extremely flexible writer, I can adapt any style or tone to fit your needs.


  • Creative Storytelling

  • Humor or Sarcasm (maybe both)

  • Medical Writing (for B2C)

  • SEO Writing

  • Music

  • Blog content

  • Social Media Sponsored content and articles

  • Website pages and content

  • Marketing Collateral and creative content

  • Technical Editing, etc.

I have worked with LEO Weekly, Insider Louisville, Kentucky Living, Heaven Hill, Norton Healthcare, Salvation Army, SoIN Tourism, Proud Green Home, AIRECS, Community Foundation of Louisville, New Age Communications, Business First of Louisville



My crystal ball says that you have come here seeking an awesome freelance writer who can help with your writing and communication needs.

Call Me.

The truth is, effective business promotion starts with clear and well-written communication. This communication is the key to getting your ideas, products and services noticed. To put it frankly, anything you communicate needs to do something. Your content should educate, inspire and motivate your stakeholders to act.

But that content doesn’t have to be boring and the writer you choose shouldn’t be boring either. Hint: You’re in the right place.

How do I work for you?

  • I can take your ideas from a spark to lightning. Don’t we all love a good storm?

  • We collaborate, discuss and discover what approach works best with your brand and for your clients.

What are the other benefits?

  • Stand out from the crowd with fresh, created-for-you content that sparkles and engages the reader.

  • Build a strong, responsive social media presence and an engaged audience

  • Spend more time on your service or product

  • Build a solid brand with consistent messaging


  • Compelling Corporate and Commercial Communications. We need to be heard, am I right?

  • Proofreading and Editing with special attention to tone, audience sensitivity and intent

  • SEO Writing. Let me help you raise your search engine rankings.

  • Newsletters that people need and actually read

  • Blog Posts and Website Content that does more than take up space

  • Press Releases that get you published

  • Marketing and Promotional Collateral that gets people talking

  • Badass Bios and Resumes

  • Social Media Strategies and Content that elevates your brand above the rest

  • Events. Ask me about the time I planned an international rock music festival.

If you don’t see what you need, contact me and let’s figure it out.

A freelance content and copywriter in Louisville…

Outspoken, Flexible, and Local, Quill and Ink is your secret weapon. Armed with a pen, a Master’s Degree in English, and 20+ years of experience, the Quill knows that great words go far. The proof is in the portfolio. Did I mention outspoken? Don’t be scared. Discover how experienced writing can help you get the response you want.