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Writer/Storyteller Erica Rucker

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Erica Rucker is an award-winning professional freelance writer, editor and storyteller. Born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, Erica’s earliest memories are of telling stories to her family and promising that the next would be shorter than the first. They never were. Words have been a constant throughout her life, a gift she shares with her five-year-old son who now tells stories when he should be sleeping. An extremely flexible writer, Erica can adapt any style or tone to fit your needs.

Check out her resume below and ask about her client list.

Extensive experience with companies large and small. Disciplines span medical, technical and creative fields.


Creative Storytelling
Medical Writing
SEO Writing
Music Writing
High impact Blog content
Social Media
Sponsored content and articles
Website pages and content
Marketing Collateral and creative content
Technical Editing, etc.

If your company’s content needs a boost and you need articles, web copy, press releases or other media solutions, Erica’s got your back but please handle with care–the quill is a mighty thing.

Contact Erica at 502-724-1845.  If you are bold try clicking here.

Society of Professional Journalists

I won!

Writer Info:


University of Louisville

M.A. in English                                                                                                                       2010

Creative Thesis: “Ai” A Western retelling of a Japanese folktale

B.A. in English                                                                                                                        2003

Areas of Concentration: 19th Century Women’s Literature, Creative Writing, and African American Literature


Column: Fun with Shrapnel

(Bi-Monthly) LEO Weekly                                                                       2013

Column: Me Vs. Music

(Monthly) LEO Weekly                                                                             2012


(Weekly) Foxy Digitalis                                                                            2008


(Monthly) Ptolemaic Terrascope                                                            2007


Society of Professional Journalists Awards

(Editorial Writing and Educational Writing)                                     2016

LEO Weekly (print and online)                                                              2008

Velocity (print and online)                                                                      2008

Spin Magazine (print and online)                                                          2008

Harp Magazine (online)                                                                           2008

Wire Magazine (print and online)                                                         2008

Kentucky Foundation for Women Art Meets Activism Grant          2005

Pan-Hellenic Academic Award, University of Louisville                   2000


Media Relations, Public Relations, Policy Creation, Interdepartmental Communications, Employee Communication, Research, Sponsorships, Training and Meeting Facilitation, Photography, Creative Storytelling.


 “Life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage.“-Anais Nin-